Kóthay, Gábor


• Gábor Kóthyai was born July 19th, 1962. He works as a graphic designer and teaches second-form art students. Typeface design was a hobby for many years but it has become an everyday routine with Fontmunkások and Fontana Type Foundry. He lives with his wife and two daughters in a suburb of Szeged, a sunny southern Hungarian town that lies on the banks of the Tisza river. Gábor on myfons.com

Szegi, Amondó


• Amondó Szegi Amondó Szegi was born July 13th, 1964. He is a freelance designer, painter and performer. Currently he teaches design and letter design in a private school. Amondó is the co-founder of Fontana Type Foundry. He lives in Budapest.

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